Implementing P3P 1.1

Developers are encouraged to implement P3P user agents, policy generators, and other tools based on the P3P 1.1 Last Call Specification. This specification is stable. The Last Call only revealed minor typos and errors in the ABNF. We hope now to get more feedback from implementers.

Once P3P 1.1 will go to Candidate Recommendation, the P3P Specification Working Group expects to develop validation tools and a testsuite.

Implementing P3P 1.0

There is a testsuite for P3P user agent developers. It is available from the P3P Project Pages of the JRC.

The P3P Validator is useful for checking the syntax of P3P policies and policy reference files. Perl source code for the validator is available.

Guidelines, Examples, and Other Useful Resources

As P3P 1.1 only changed in some parts, the resources below that where developed for P3P 1.0 are still useful information.

Feedback and Discussion

For developers, there are two ways to provide feedback about our P3P specifications.

  1. Send your comment to the public list for developers This is the preferred method of providing feedback. To subscribe, email with "subscribe" in the Subject. The list is publicly archived.
    The first time you send something to the list, you will be prompted by email to confirm your posting to the list and to the archive. The confirmation has to be validated at the Web-site indicated in the confirmation-request.
    To unsubscribe, please send email to with 'unsubscribe' in the subject.
  2. Alternatively, if you do not wish your comment to be made public, you can send your comment to Rigo Wenning. He will forward it to a list that is only accessible to W3C members.
  3. For more policy-oriented questions, please direct yourself to www-p3p-policy. This is a mailing list for people who are responsible for creating P3P policies for web sites to discuss issues that come up in the process of making their web sites P3P compliant.To subscribe, email with "subscribe" in the Subject.

In either case, if your comments are relevant to the P3P specifications, we will forward your comment to the appropriate P3P working group and will attempt to respond to your comment within 4 weeks.

Finally, please let us know about your P3P implementation so we can list it on our implementations page. Email <>