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11-12 November 1997 Meeting of the W3C @@GroupName

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Dan Connolly, guidebook editor <connolly@w3.org> +1 512 310-2971
Susan Hardy, W3C Meeting Planner
Created 21 Jan 1998
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Who is invited? What are the participation requirements? For example:

Members of the working group (including invited experts) are expected to participate in face-to-face meetings. The chair may allow additional participants for liaison purposes.

Participants must register by email with the chair, the local organizer, and the W3C meeting planner before 4 Nov 1997. The table below serves as confirmation. Due to IBM security policy, anyone who fails to register may be prohibited from attending.

Meeting Attendees
Name Affiliation and Role Registration Date
Bert Bos W3C (I18N, style liaison) 03 Nov 1997
Judy Brewer W3C (WAI liaison) 06 Nov 1997
Dan Connolly W3C (chair) 17 Oct 1997

After the meeting, this becomes the record of attendance. Please sort the table in alphabetical order.


for example

Phil Jenkins of IBM is the local host.

He maintains comprehensive information about the venue and accommodations.

But just in case, here's his contact info: pjenkins@us.ibm.com 512-838-4517.


give logistics (when does the meeting start/stop, exactly what room, etc.) as well as content items.

Tues, 11 Nov 11 (afternoon)
Amarillo room Bldg. 904/2

Time Topic
12:30 Lunch: meet in bldg 904 Lobby
13:45 In your seats, prepared to participate.
18:00 close

Wed 12 Nov (all day)
Bldg. 045 West Conference Room

after the meeting, the agenda becomes the table-of-contents for the minutes. Make sure the actions are easy to find!

Preparation: Drafts for Review

It's best to explicitly state the goals of the meeting. After the first meeting of a chartered working groups, the goals can be left implicit.

Drafts for discussion at this meeting are due 28 Oct 97. This allows us to make the best use of our time: folks can come to the meeting prepared, and nobody has reviewed the wrong version, etc.
Specname Editor/Contact Date Notes
WAI HC input Al Gilman 24 Oct
HTML 4 Proposed Recommendation Arnaud, Dave, and Ian 7 Nov 1997
WD-html40-971024 Arnaud, Dave, and Ian 24 Oct 1997

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