DOMC June 96 Accepted Position Papers

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1: 1-SIDL-WP-1996-0034
Email Address:
@@need HTML
3: Smart Browser, Dumb Browser: Lessons Learned in a Health Care-related Project
Email Address:
Almasi, Jagannathan
Concurrent Engineering Research Center, West Virginia University
@@need HTML
5: Corbus
Participants: Rick Schantz, Ward Walker, John Zinky
6: DOLMEN: A DPE Backbone for the World Wide Web
Participant(s): Heikki Helin, Mika Liljeberg, Kimmo Raatikainen
Affiliation: University of Helsinki
Submission confirmed: 1996-05-13 06:19:31 by
remote original
7: 7-mobile.htm
Participant(s): Ok Ki Lee
Affiliation: CSIRO Division of Information Technology
Submission confirmed: 1996-05-07 07:21:12 by
remote original
8: HTML document for the World Wide Web
Email Address:
9: NCSA work towards and Object-Oriented Web
Email Address:
10: Business Objects on the Web
Participant(s): David A. Carlson
Affiliation: Strategic Management Technology Inc.
Submission confirmed: 1996-05-13 00:27:50 by
Still need HTML
11: Interacting with Objects and the World Wide Web
Participant(s): Bharathi Subramanian
Affiliation: Texas Instruments
Submission confirmed: 1996-05-13 21:09:22 by
remote original
12: Integrating Database Technology With the World Wide Web
Email Address:
14: I-DAM: An Active Digital Archive Management
Email Address:

Raman Kannan

Center for Technology Transfer and Development

Monmouth University
@@need local copy

15: Discovering Mobile Code
Participant(s): Andreas Vogel, Hartmut Wittig
Affiliation: DSTC, IBM
Submission confirmed: 1996-05-20 07:32:51 by
remote original
16: CORBAweb - A CORBA Gateway for the web ( 3-May-1996)
Participant(s): Nigel Edwards
Affiliation: Hewlett Packard Laboratories, Bristol
Submission confirmed: 1996-05-13 13:33:03 by
remote original
17: Building a Web from Distributed Objects
Participant(s): Toby Speight
Affiliation: APM Ltd. (ANSA)
Submission confirmed: 1996-05-09 11:41:45 by
remote original
18: Future Trends for a Global Object Web
Participant(s): Christophe Gransart & Philippe Merle
Affiliation: Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale de Lille
Submission confirmed: 1970-05-14 18:53:33 by
remote original
19: Advanced Web Presentation through Web Objects
Email Address:
20: Beyond Java: Merging Corba-based Mobile Agents and WWW
Participant(s): Fritz Hohl
Affiliation: Research Assistant
Submission confirmed: 1996-05-07 12:00:39 by
remote original
Participant(s): Jan Forslow
Affiliation: TINA-C
Submission confirmed: 1996-05-06 16:04:39 by
remote original
22: Experience report from a TINA experimentation using ORBs and the Web
Participant(s): Dupuy & Pensivy
Affiliation: France Telecom - CNET
Submission confirmed: 1996-05-06 15:07:43 by
remote original
Participant(s): Don Bolinger
Affiliation: OSF Research Institute
Submission confirmed: 1996-05-22 14:16:55 by
26: Building applications using distributed objects and mobile code
Email Address:
Submission Confirmed
28: Communication-Oriented Program Architecture
Email Address:
29: Submission to W3C/OMG Workshop on Distributed Objects and Mobile Code
Email Address:
30: extracted Postscript copy
Email Address:
31: Software Release Management
Participant(s): André van der Hoek, Dennis Heimbigner, and Alexander L. Wolf
Affiliation: University of Colorado at Boulder
Submission confirmed: 1996-05-06 15:45:10 by
remote original
Participant(s): Luca Cardelli
Affiliation: Digital
Submission confirmed: 1996-05-04 19:39:04 by
remote original
33: Position Paper Title: CORBA and WWW: Merging Infrastructures
Email Address:
34: Position Paper: Joint W3C/OMG Workshop on Distributed Objects and Mobile Code
Email Address:
35: The Synopsis File System: From Files to File Objects
Participant(s): Mic Bowman Ranjit John
Affiliation: Transarc Corp.
Submission confirmed: 1996-05-07 21:19:52 by
36: A Common Agent Platform
Participant: Jim White

Affiliation: General Magic
submission confirmed
remote original
37: The Web Meets CORBA the Geek
Participant(s): Jeffrey C. Mackay, Jin W. Chang, Kent A Steffen
Affiliation: Andersen Consulting
Submission confirmed: 1996-05-23 15:55:33 by
38: Virtual Enterprises require OMA/WWW integration
Participant(s): Craig Thompson
Affiliation: Object Services and Consulting, Inc.
Submission confirmed: 1996-05-06 14:58:59 by
remote original
Email Address:
Participant(s): Kenji Takahashi, Kenji Ota, and Kazuchika Sekiya
Affiliation: NTT
Submission confirmed: 1996-05-06 16:46:34 by
@@Still need HTML!
42: Managing Distributed Objects
Participant(s): James Davidson
Affiliation: Teknowledge Corp.
Submission confirmed: 1996-05-06 23:21:35 by
remote original
43: Recommended Support for Integration of CORBA to WWW Gateways
Email Address:
44: Position Paper for W3C/OMG Workshop
Participant(s): John Buford
Affiliation: Univ. Massachusetts Lowell
Submission confirmed: 1996-05-06 16:25:47 by
remote original
45: Unifying CORBA and the Internet with NEO and Java
Participant(s): Ellen Siegel and Jeff Nisewanger
Affiliation: SunSoft
Submission confirmed: 1996-05-07 04:20:57 by
remote original
46: OMG/W3C Position Paper
Participant(s): David Berkowitz
Affiliation: CI Labs
Submission confirmed: 1996-05-06 15:28:58 by
remote original
48: Position Paper for the Joint W3C/OMG Workshop on
Email Address:
50: Run-Time Types For Interpreters for Mobile Code
Participant: Dominic Duggan
Affiliation: University of Waterloo
submission confirmed
remote original
53: The Irrelevancy of Objects to the WWW Infrastructure
Participant(s): Rich Salz
Affiliation: Open Software Foundation
Submission confirmed: 1996-05-05 02:51:00 by
remote original
54: Mobile & Multi-tiered (M&M) - Frames, Asynchrony, & Roaming
Email Address:
56: extracted Postscript copy
Email Address:
57: Caltech Infospheres Project
Participant(s): Mani Chandy, Adam Rifkin, and Paul Sivilotti
Affiliation: California Institute of Technology
Submission confirmed: 1996-05-11 05:45:39 by
remote original
60: What's In it for Me: a position paper
Participant(s): Matthew Fuchs
Affiliation: Walt Disney Imagineering
Submission confirmed: 1970-05-14 18:55:45 by
remote original
61: Bootstrapping the Web With Existing Technology
Participant: Charlie Kindel
Affiliation: Microsoft
Submission Confirmed
63: 63-w3comgbt.htm
Participant(s): Bob Briscoe
Affiliation: BT
Submission confirmed: 1996-05-15 16:31:33 by
remote original
64: Java - CORBA binding
Participant(s): Zhou Ye
Affiliation: Oracle Corporation
Submission confirmed: 1996-05-16 03:04:37 by
remote original