Oracle Corporation

Internet Servers Division

Zhou Ye
Ankur Sharma

Java - CORBA binding


Providing Internet access to CORBA based systems brings the power of distributed, scalable, open, CORBA based systems to the World Wide Web. Oracle WebServer 2.0 provides three interpreters for application development and execution : as well as an Oracle Web Request Broker API for custom extensions and cartridges. Web client access to external systems can be provided either at the WRB*API level by developing a Web Server cartridge, or through the Java Interpreter. The Oracle WebServer Java Interpreter currently provides seamless access to PL/SQL procedures stored and executed in the Oracle database by modeling PL/SQL packages as Java classes. We are also working on a Java-CORBA language binding and runtime implementation to provide internet access to CORBA based distributed systems from the WebServer.

Providing internet access to CORBA systems from Java requires two components :