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MathML 3.0 Last Call Dispositions

Public Version   [Member-Confidential Version]

13 June 2010, Version 1.4

Robert Miner, Design Science, Math WG Co-chair
Patrick Ion, MR/AMS, Math WG Co-chair

MathML 3.0 Last Call Comments and Responses

The MathML 3.0 Specification first Last Call draft has received a number of comments during the announced Last Call period ending on 11 November 2009. These are analysed in detail in a first Last Call Dispositions document.

Later during a long Candidate Recommendation phase for MathML3, a number of typos and places where clarification of the specification would be very useful were found. Some of these concern normative aspects of the MathML3. The Math Working Group decided that MathML3 would be best served by making the corrections and offering a Second Last Call draft. A detailed MathML 3.0 Last Call Change List records all the, individually small, changes from the Candidate Recommendation draft. The MathML 3.0 Second Last Call Dispositions deal with comments received during the period from 10 June 2010 to 1 July 2010.