Putting mathematics on the Web with MathML

Version: July 7, 2011

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This note explains how to include MathML in Web pages in various ways that makes it possible to be viewed on a large number of browsers. It is also intended to show how to configure browsers to make them able to display MathML.

This is a new page under construction with new MathML 3.0

The previous version of this page pointed to the solution for Web mathematics through an XSL stylesheet.

At present, though there are increasingly successful browser implementations of MathML rendering which can be expected only to imporve as HTML5 becomes prevalent and better supported, the two most natural strategies for getting pages with MathML in them onto the Web are to use JavaScript processing (if using XML MIME types) or to use XSLT processing (in either HTML or XML contexts). Each strain of development — Native, JavaScript, XSL — has variant realizations with various strengths, and is described on its own page:

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