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Internationalization Issues Discussion

Resolutions Regarding ITS

Question: Since the WG did not formally resolve to accept Yves' answers to our questions in regards ITS integration, do i (or someone) need to propose a resolution at a WG meeting in order to record our acceptance of Yves' answers as a RESOLUTION.

PROPOSED RESOLUTION: the XHTML2 WG accepts the advice regarding ITS integration provided by Yves Savourel at the discussion at 2009-04-23 virtual Face2Face, specifically;

  1. authors may use XHTML's native span element to insert inline ITS; for this purpose;
  2. XHTML2 will specify ITS integration in its i18n module
  3. the current Ruby module will also be subsumed into the expanded i18n module
  4. support for external ITS support alone would satisfy the i18n community today, but there remains a future case for inline support for ITS using XHTML2's native span element;
  5. XHTML will use link with <rel="i18nrules"> in head to reference an International Tag Set (ITS) document

-- question posed on wiki by GJR on 2009-05-10; posted by GJR to on 2009-05-13

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