Bulleted Lists
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7.2 - Bulleted Lists

Bulleted lists are represented with the UL and LI elements:

	<LI>Wake up
	<LI>Get dressed
	<LI>Have breakfast
	<LI>Drive to work
which is usually rendered as:

The COMPACT attribute when present e.g. <UL COMPACT> has the effect of reducing inter-item spacing. The bullet style is the responsibility of the browser, and normally an unordered list nested within a list of the same type is given a different style (bullet, dash, box or check). Authors can instead use the SRC attribute for the LI element to specify an icon with a URL or URN, e.g. <LI SRC="folder.gif">. List item text can't include headers, see the HTML+ DTD in Appendix I for details.

HTML+ Discussion Document - November 8, 1993

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