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XForms Basic 1.0 Implementation Report

This is the XForms Basic 1.0 Implementation Report. It has been created by the XForms Working Group during the Candidate Recommendation phase. It is based on the XForms 1.0 public Test Suite.

These results will document the interoperability of multiple implementations of the features of XForms Basic 1.0 Candidate Recommendation.

There are currently no XForms Basic 1.0 implementations knowned.

The XForms 1.0 public Test Suite is available at http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/Forms/Test/
You can also download a zip file containing all tests.

A list of current XForms 1.0 Implementations is also available on line.

Comments and suggestions can be sent to public-forms-testsuite@w3.org (archive).

Thierry Michel (tmichel@w3.org), W3C staff contact for XForms
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