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Membership of the XForms Working Group

Warning: This list is out of date. For the latest infomation, view the Data based XForms Working Group details.

Name Email Organization Phone
Steven Pemberton CWI/W3C +31.624.671.668
Darrell Dykstra Adobe Systems Inc. +1.613.940.3618
Gavin McKenzie Adobe Systems Inc. +1.613.940.3728
Mikko Honkala Helsinki University of Technology +358.50.570.4102
Kevin Kelly IBM Corporation +1.919.254.7036
Roland Merrick IBM Corporation +44.1926.465440
T.V. Raman IBM Corporation
Tim Bruylants Inventive Designers n.v.
Klaas Bals * Inventive Designers n.v. +32.3.821.01.83
Kenneth Sklander ixst +45.4847.6035
Allan Beaufour Novell, Inc.
David Landwehr Novell, Inc. +
Mark Seaborne Origo Services Limited +44.131.4515181
Susan Borgrink Progeny Systems +1.703.368.6107
John Kugelman Progeny Systems +1.703.368.6107 ext. 169
Gary Sikora Progeny Systems +1.703.368.6107 ext. 109
John Boyer PureEdge Solutions +1.250.708.8047
Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer SAP AG +
Lars Oppermann Sun Microsystems, Inc. +49.40.23646.959
Micah Dubinko ** Snapbridge Software, Inc.
Mark Birbeck ** x-port.net +44.2076.899.232

* Alternate participant

** Invited expert

Masayasu Ishikawa <mimasa@w3.org>, W3C Team contact for XForms WG

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