I. XHTML DTD Module Implementations


This appendix is normative.

This appendix will contain implementations of the modules defined in this specification. These module implementations can be used in other XHTML Family Document Types.

I.1. XHTML Modular Framework

In order to take advantage of the XHTML DTD Modules, DTD authors need to define the content model for their DTD. XHTML provides a variety of tools to ease this effort. They are defined in a set of support modules, instantiated by a main Framework module:

Note that the module above references a content model module. This module is defined on a per-document type basis in addition to the document type driver file.

I.2. XHTML Module Implementations

This section will contain the formal definition of each of the XHTML Abstract Modules as a DTD module.

I.3. XHTML DTD Support Modules

The modules in this section are elements of the XHTML DTD implementation that, while hidden from casual users, are important to understand when creating derivative markup languages using the Modularization architecture.