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W3C Editor's Draft 23 October 2008

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Shane McCarron, Applied Testing and Technology, Inc.

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This specification builds upon XHTML 1.1 and XHTML Basic 1.1, helping to create an environment that is a superset of XHTML Basic 1.1. It also reintroduces widely requested features that were not included in XHTML 1.1. Finally, it incorporates new technologies to improve accessibility and integration with the semantic web.

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This document is an early Working Draft to indicate the direction we are heading with this incremental version of XHTML and solicit feedback from the community.

Publication as a Working Draft does not imply endorsement by the W3C Membership. This is a draft document and may be updated, replaced or obsoleted by other documents at any time. It is inappropriate to cite this document as other than work in progress.

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