Known Bugs in Line Mode Browser

The list of known bugs are in reverse chronological order. Please report bugs or bug-fixes to libwww@w3.org noting the version of the Line Mode Browser and the Library and what caused the bug to appear.

	./www -version

The provided patches are relative to the WWW directory in the distribution tree. In order to apply a patch, do the following in the WWW directory:

  1. Download the patch, for example lmb-1.fix
  2. Invoke the patch command by typing
    	patch < lmb-1.fix
  3. Rebuild the code by typing
    	make clobber
    	./BUILD linemode

You should only apply patches under the section with same version number as your current version. You can see the current version of this software by looking into the version file. Please also make sure that this version is the same as for the version of the W3C Sample Code Library

Version 3.1

Problem running from scripts or as a cron job
Version 3.1 of the Line Mode Browser registers STDIN as an channel for user input. If the browser is run as a cron job then STDIN comes from /dev/null which always returns ready for reading in a select call. Line Mode browser then thinks that the user has interrupted the request and exists.

On the Wish list

Better error reporting
Difficult when many possible paths have been tried. Save log of attempts? Portability of error message generation?
Command wanted: Append
to a given file a hypertext reference to the document.
Anchors in paper prints
If the user needs to print out documents when following links, instead of inserting anchor numbers, insert page numbers of the destination nodes, as they would appear in the printed document. Do this by first following the links with no output on the screen, reading all the files into the buffer and calculating the page numbers. Then go through the path again, with output directed to the printer, inserting the corresponding page numbers rather than the anchor numbers.
Deal with lists within lists
This is a part of having a better HTML parser
Style sheets
Nested style sheets like everybody is asking for

Tim BL, and Henrik Frystyk, libwww@w3.org, October 1995