Change History of Line Mode Browser

Improvements made to the Line Mode Browser are listed in reverse chronological order. (See also the bug list and the separate documentation for the  VMS version).

NOTE Many changes to this product stem directly from changes to libwww, and are documented in the W3C Sample Code Library.

Line Mode Browser 3.1, November 14 1995

Official release.

Line Mode Browser 3.1 Prerelease 3, November 13

The browser has been adapted to support the new Event Interface

Line Mode Browser 3.1 Prerelease 2, November 1

New Features and Interfaces

Line Mode Browser 3.1 Prerelease 1, May 20

As usual most of the functionality in the Line Mode Browser comes from the Library, but there are some things that deserve to be mentioned:

New Features and Interfaces

Bug Fixes

Line Mode Browser 3.1 Prerelease, November 1

New Features and Interfaces

NOTE CERN terminated its direct engagement in the World-Wide Web with the release of Library version 3.0 and Line Mode Browser 3.0. The code is now developed and maintained at W3C.

3.0 Prerelease 2, Dec 2 1994

3.0 Prerelease 1, Nov 26 1994

2.15 on November 25 1994

As always, most of the added features in the Line Mode Browser are a result of changes to the W3C Sample Code Library. However, the following new features deserve to be mentioned:

2.14 on November 1994




11 Dec 92: 1.4

Dec 92 1.3c

16 Oct 92: Version 1.3a

Oct 92 version 1.2l

version 1.2k

18 May 92 version 1.2h

version 1.2f

Version 1.2e

Version 1.2d

Version 1.2c

Version 1.2b

Release includes a few strict C bug fixes for the Mac, and adds makefile for pc-nfs.

Version 1.2a

Feb 12 1992: Version 1.2

Version 1.1c

Version 1.1b

Version 1.1a

January 1992 Version 1.1

Version 1.0 (released as alpha test only)

Version 14a

November 1991 version 0.14

version 0.12

15 November 1991 version 0.11

November 91 version 0.10

November 91 version 0.9

24 May 91 version 0.8

21 May 91 version 0.7

Shows trace comments, including the pathways taken to locate a file.
Makes the program non interactive with the user. No prompts are shown, and after the node is displayed it exits the program
Turns off the paging. The page size can be selected by adding the value immediately after the 'p'.
Stops positions of anchors being shown in the text.

14 May 91

10 May 91

17 April 91

8 April 91

7 March 91

5 March 91

27 Feb 91

11 Feb 91

Before Feb 91

Tim BL, and Henrik Frystyk, libwww@w3.org,
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