WAIS Gateway Interface

**	(c) COPYRIGHT MIT 1995.
**	Please first read the full copyright statement in the file COPYRIGH.

This module does not actually perform the WAIS protocol directly, but it does using one or more libraries of the freeWAIS distribution. The ui.a library came with the old free WAIS from TMC, the client.a and wais.a libraries are needed from the freeWAIS from CNIDR.

If you include this module in the library, you must also

The wais source files are parsed by a separate and independent module, HTWSRC. You can include HTWSRC without including direct wais using this module, and your WWW code will be able to read source files, and access WAIS indexes through a gateway.

A WAIS-WWW gateway is just a normal Web server with a libwww compiled with this module.

This module is implemented by HTWAIS.c, and it is a part of the W3C Sample Code Library.

#ifndef HTWAIS_H
#define HTWAIS_H

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" { 

#include "HTEvent.h"

Control Flags

The number of lines handled from a WAIS search is determined by this variable. The default value is 100 (this is defined in the module)

extern int HTMaxWAISLines;

extern HTProtCallback HTLoadWAIS;
#ifdef __cplusplus

#endif  /* HTWAIS_H */

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