W3C libwww

The WAIS to WWW gateway

Libwww supports direct WAIS access which means that applications using libwww can access WAIS servers. In order to do this you must have the following:

If you do not enable direct WAIS access, your application may still access WAIS servers through a HTTP-WAIS gateway.

WSRC files

The gateway keeps a cache of WAIS "source" files. These are files describing WAIS servers, and are parsed, and are kept in the directory /usr/local/lib/WAIS under the server name, port, and database name.

They are normally picked up automatically by searching a directory of servers index. Once the gateway has picked up a description of a server, it uses the description to describe the server to those who follow links to it. (See the HTWSRC module in libwww)

More Information

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