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The Jigsaw Team

Jigsaw Team

Yves Lafon
Yves has joined the Jigsaw project in october 1996. And, among other things, he did the JigAdmin tool. He became lead of the Jigsaw Activity in August 1997, he is now also the principal team contact of the XML Protocol Working Group
Carine Bournez
Carine joined the Jigsaw project in december 2001.


Anselm Baird-Smith
Anselm started the Jigsaw project within W3C in october 1995. He did all the successive designs that leads to the current 1.0beta1 version. He is the "father" of Jigsaw. He left W3C at the end of August 1997.
Benoît Mahé
Benoît joined the Jigsaw team on october 1st 1997, after doing his internship in the team. He worked on Server side include (added jdbc related commands), servlets, jdbc PICS label bureau, and various contributions to JigAdmin. He contributed a lot to the Jigsaw/2.0 prototype and he did the new JigAdmin. He left at the end of January 2001.


Jeff Dripps
Provided lots of feedback on running Jigsaw on the Mac.
Paul Henshaw
Paul contributed a PushCacheFilter for Jigsaw 2.2.1
Thomas Kopp
Thomas contributed an ssl extension as well as many fixes
Stephan Montigaud
Has done numerous experiments with Jigsaw, and provided a nice lot of bug reports.
Henrik Frystyk Nielsen
Provide lots of design ideas for the HTTP client side, among with invaluable help on how to implement HTTP/1.1.
Antonio Ramirez
Wrote the code for server side includes and image maps, contributed to the new filtering model.
Early Users
A lot of people have contributed to Jigsaw through the mailing list, they are too numerous to be cited by name here.

How can I Help?

If you plan to develop new features for Jigsaw or if you already have developed something new, please submit it to the Jigsaw Team. Don't forget to read the Programmer Documentation before you start to extends Jigsaw.

How to get the latest updates

If you are a CVS user you should use the W3C public CVS tree to get the latest updates.

Cvs Login

Anonymous checkout is read-only access which allows you to get the latest edits and to provide patches to be integrated into the code base. The instructions should work for both Unix and Windows. Make sure you are running at least CVS 1.9 or later. Start by login as follows:

% cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@dev.w3.org:/sources/public login

after which you type "anonymous" as password.

Checkout the latest revision

To get the latest version from the CVS repository, run this command:

% cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@dev.w3.org:/sources/public -z3 checkout java

After which you will get all the code coming at you.