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Here is a bunch of links about Jigsaw in the Press and Jigsaw related pages. If you know other pages containing Jigsaw review, articles about Jigsaw or implementation based on Jigsaw, please mail us the URLs at <jigsaw@w3.org>.

Jigsaw in the press

Linux + : Jigsaw, un serveur révolutionnaire
« Les développeurs de Jigsaw ont mis l'accent sur l'écriture d'un code bien structuré, un ensemble complet d'API et une documentation de grande qualité » - January 1, 2001

PC Week: Jigsaw Web server offers peek at future
« The cutting-edge Jigsaw 2.0 Web server offers Web developers an early look at the future of Web sites--a future where it's as easy to write to a site as it is to read it and where both files and requests are managed efficiently by an object-oriented architecture. » - February 15, 1999

Network World Fusion: Jigsaw to promote key W3C pieces
« While Jigsaw 2.0 is a fully functioning Web server, its main purpose is to demonstrate such high-powered server technologies as HTTP 1.1, servlets and distributed publishing, all of which the W3C is attempting to evangelize. » - February 11, 1999

Object Magazine: A Web of Technologies
« With Jigsaw, the server becomes a very flexible, extensible platform for responding to HTTP protocol requests. » - February 1999

Internet News: W3C Announces the Release of Jigsaw 2.0 Web Server
« The latest version of Jigsaw features an architecture which aids in the evaluation of new Web protocols. Jigsaw also enables faster Web access by using HTTP/1.1 along with an open source implementation of the Java servlet interface. Jigsaw was developed using Java which means it is supported on most platforms. Because of its smart caching mechanisms, Jigsaw is at least as fast as the other popular Web servers. » - January 21, 1999

Jigsaw related pages

OSA Intermediary Architecture Infrastructure
« In another prototype we wanted to enable the augmentation of web resources with added behaviors. In a similar but different pointin the Jigsaw server we implemented a client-side filter which is executed before and after every HTTP request. With a minor modification to Jigsaw we also provided support for replacement phase events. This enabled the IA to support new HTTP commands not recognized by Jigsaw. » - 1999

ServerWatch's Review of Jigsaw
« Jigsaw is not the sort of Web server that you'd base an enterprise-level Internet presence around. But if you're at all serious about staying ahead of the curve when it comes to the cutting edge of Web protocols and infrastructures, you'll want to have a test machine running Jigsaw somewhere. » - August 17, 1999
Jigsaw SSL
« IAIK Jigsaw-SSL, provides a SSLv3 supporting extension to the W3C HTTP Jigsaw server architecture for securely dealing any incoming client request. IAIK JigsawSSL has been updated to operate on W3C´s new Jigsaw Version Jigsaw2.0.1. » - August 30, 1999


Jigsaw Team
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