W3C Jigsaw

Jigsaw known bugs

The current list of bugs has been splitted into three lists:

Register new bugs by mailing them to jigsaw@w3.org.

Jigsaw specific bugs

The list of Jigsaw bugs. This list gives all the bugs in Jigsaw Java code. They should be fixed in following releases.

Platform specific bugs

This list gives the platform specifics bus. Most of them are due to early Java implementations on the various platforms, and should be corrected in next Java releases.

Windows 95
Bugs specific to the Win* platforms
Due to an Java implementation bug, File.renameTo does no work. This causes a lot of problems to Jigsaw that uses this method a lot when updating index files.
Solaris 2.x
Bugs specific to the solaris platform.


Things that Jigsaw internals allow you to do, but that are not available through the form-base configuration GUI. These should be fixed in next Jigsaw releases.

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