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1 Test Suite Overview

The ITS 2.0 Test Suite is designed to support the comprehensive and consistent testing of independent implementation of the ITS 2.0 specification.

ITS conformance is specified in the ITS 2.0 specification. ITS has been designed so that conformance can be claimed by showing conformance to any one of the specified data categories, though much of the value of using ITS will accrue from using data categories in combination.

The test suite therefore provides a set of tests for each data category, which constitute a conformance test for that category. For each data category, a different feature conformance test is provided for the different features that represent the different ways in which the data category can be used. Each feature conformance test provides input file containing ITS mark-up and where appropriate a separate file with its rules, together with an output file that contains the association of ITS attributes with nodes from the input file that result from conformant ITS processing. The output files are presented in a common file format in order to facilitate the automation of checking against the output generated in tests and to ease the verification of the test suite itself and the verification of test results.

To qualify for inclusion in the final ITS 2.0 recommendation, each feature must have the results from a successful feature conformance test from two independent implementations published on the Test Suite page.

The test suite files are available here: https://github.com/finnle/ITS-2.0-Testsuite

2 Implementations

See the separate use cases high level summary for more details.