Berlin September 2013 f2f

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Date: 18 September, 2-5 p.m. CEST.

1 Attendees

Please indicate your interest in a joint dinner in brackets, e.g. dinner "yes".

  • Felix Sasaki. Dinner: no.
  • Arle Lommel. Dinner: tbc.
  • Olaf-Michael Stefanov. Dinner: tbc.
  • Phil Ritchie (noon Wed. until evening Fri). Dinner: yes.
  • Jirka Kosek (I'll arrive around 6pm on Wed). Dinner: yes.
  • Yves Savourel (Remotely)
  • Tadej Stajner (Remotely)
  • Christian Lieske (Remotely, tbc)
  • David Filip (Tue evening-Sat morning). Dinner: YES.
  • Pedro L. Díez Orzas (Wed-Fri). Dinner: tbc.
  • Ankit Srivastava (Remotely)
  • Karl Fritsche (Remotely)

2 Location

3 Topics

  • Final preparation of META-FORUM session(s).
  • Final deliverables health check. Scope: Deliverables due September. See
  • General activities until the end of the year and after
  • Outreach
    • List of outreach material. Do we for example have links to all presentations?
    • List of example files, in addition to the conformance testing files.
    • Numbers (e.g. annotations done in the showcases)
    • What to do until the end fo the year? See also issues & actions for the ITS IG
  • Discussion of TODOs and time lines
    • Update of "Usage Scenarios"
    • Update of ITSRDF ontology
  • "Liason reports" (What's the status of XLIFF 2.0? What's happening at GALA? ...)

4 Agenda

None, just went through above topics.