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To share advice and information across a large group of people with knowledge of different languages, scripts and cultures, and relating to internationalization of different parts of the Web architecture.

The Interest Group also includes a number of task forces, looking into requirements for support of the world's languages on the Web.


The chair of the Interest Group is Martin Dürst.

The Interest Group uses its mailing lists to disseminate information about the word of the W3C Internationalization Working Group, including notifications about ongoing work and meeting minutes.

The Language Enablement work of the WG is supported by a number of repositories and task forces that are formed under the umbrella of the Interest Group, but overseen by the Working Group. Participation in the Interest Group and its task forces is open to all who are interested. See an overview of the Language Enablement program.

How to Join

Subscribe to the mailing list. You can also look at the public archive (no subscription necessary).

To join a layout task force read the page Get involved with Language Enablement.


The Interest Group holds no meetings.

Work in progress

The www-international list receives daily digests of GitHub activity. One reflects developments related to review comments being tracked by the i18n WG, and the other tracks changes to documents worked on by the WG. It also receives the i18n WG weekly teleconference minutes.

We encourage use of the w3c/i18n-discuss issue list, rather than the www-international mailing list, for technical discussions or questions about internationalization topics. This provides access to the many advantages associated with using GitHub issues.

The easiest way to find out about the work of a particular Language Enablement activity is to follow a link to its home page from the top right of the Internationalization home page. Alternatively, see a list of layout task forces and their associated mailing lists and repositories.

Get involved !

As a member of the I18N IG, you can help by reviewing early versions of W3C specifications for internationalization issues.

Send your comments to the interest group list, and the Internationalization Core Working Group will consider them and forward them to the relevant working group. This work is central to ensuring that new technologies developed at W3C meet the needs of global users. See the Review Radar for a list of documents currently in review by the Internationalization Working Group.

We also welcome contributions to discussions on the wide range of issues posted on the main IG mailing list, and the work of the task forces.