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Access Authorization Overview

Status of this documentation:
This is the documentation of WWW telnet-level Access Authorization as implemented in October 1993 (Basic) scheme, part of the WWW Common Library). Contains also proposals for encryption level protection (Pubkey scheme proposal and RIPEM based proposal).

Quick References

AA protocol in a nutshell:
Protocol examples.
Setup in a nutshell:
a quick manual on how to set up protection in the CERN Daemon.

Complete Documentation

CERN Server:
Protection setup user manual.
Scheme specifications:
Basic Protection Scheme (Basic) as implemented in October 1993, Public Key Protection Scheme (Pubkey) proposal, and RIPEM based proposal by Tony Sanders. This proposal was implemented by the NCSA team, see documentation about PGP/PEM encryption.
Browser side AA and Server side AA.
See also:

AA Testing Page

Ari Luotonen
Last updated 12 December 1993