This document provides guidance for members of the W3C elected bodies: the Advisory Board (AB) and Technical Architecture Group (TAG).

W3C elected bodies

The AB and the TAG are defined in the W3C Process, as are the rules of participation for both groups.

W3C values and behaviours

Like all W3C participants, members of elected bodies are required to follow the W3C Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (CEPC). As leaders, members of elected bodies should also consider the ways in which they can demonstrate the CEPC's expected behavior, and proactively respond to instances of unacceptable behavior.

Communication guidelines

As the W3C process says:

Advisory Board and TAG participants have a special role within W3C. They are elected by the membership and appointed by the Team with the expectation that they will use their best judgement to find the best solutions for the web, not just for any network, technology, vendor, or user.

As leaders within the W3C community, the opinions of members of elected bodies carry particular weight, whether they are expressed within our community or elsewhere.

As a member of an elected body:

Representing formal decisions

When communicating a formal decision by the elected body you are a member of:

When discussing a decision made by the elected body you are a member of:

When discussing a matter that has not reached a conclusion:

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