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A. Model complete - 13 July 2012

Make bigger changes earlier if possible to help with prototype implementation Brian: 8 June, try to have major TODOs in timing model completed Shane: 8 June, try to have major TODOs in animation model completed

  1. Timing model complete = no major TODOs / undefined sections in sections 1~8, although there may be some pieces still requiring implementation feedback - Brian
  2. Animation model complete = ditto for sections 9~10, 14 - Shane
  3. Events = ditto for section 12 - need to talk to Rik first but can still scope out what kinds of events are generated

B. Web integration - 10 August 2012

  1. Media integration specified or deferred
  2. Extensions to HTML interfaces specified (as above, minor issues ok)
  3. Accessibility requirements specified
  4. Implementation requirements specified

C. CSS integration - 13 July 2012

  1. CSS Animations Level 3 compatible integration spec complete
  2. CSS Transitions Level 3 compatible integration spec complete
  3. Specification for how to expose additional

D. SVG integration - 13 July 2012

  1. SVG 1.1 compatible integration spec complete
  2. SVG 2.0 features added

E. Useability tested

  1. Generate some simple use cases, realise them with the WebAnim api, incorporate feedback into API
  2. Likewise, but port some real-world more complex apps

F. Prototype implementation - 30 Aug 2012

  1. Timing and animation model + script interface complete: 31 July 2012
  2. CSS and SVG integration complete: 30 August 2012

G. Implementation in Webkit and Gecko

Started by SVG Open? Nice to have something if possible.

H. Test suite complete

This should begin in parallel with prototype implementation / real implementation.

I. Primer produced

Dmitry will work on this. Not sure about the timing here.