Web Animations/Meetings/Tokyo F2F Agenda

From Effects Task Force

Proposed agenda items

  • Scope of API
    • What's in the API? What's in CSS? What's in SVG? What do we aim for in version 1?
    • Defining behavior that's not in the API? State machines as a representative example.
  • Synchronization
    • With script
    • Declarative synchronization
    • Time containers
  • Addition
  • API primitives / base concepts


TimeWed 28 MarThurs 29 MarFri 30 Mar
9:00 Meet at Hotel
Have breakfast
10:00 Review Agenda
Scope of API
Synchronisation of same time events (Brian's mail as a starting point) Addition (Shane to prepare proposal)
Lunch time 12:30 Tempura 13:00 Sushi 13:00 (or slightly later) Unagi (Eel)
14:00 Synchronization—scheduling / time containers (Rik to prepare proposal) API base objects (Brian to prepare draft) Planning up to Hamburg (and SVG Open)
If time: further discussion about HW accel, follow-up remaining issues, spec drafting etc.
18:00 19:00 Web Animations dinner - Aoyama 19:30 Dinner in Shibuya / Ebisu - Yakitori? Shabu shabu? Alex and Shane leave?