Web Animations/Meetings/Actions and Resolutions from Tokyo F2F

From Effects Task Force


  • Mapping Web Animations to existing animations specs (CSSA/T, SVGA) will be done in separate document (technical notes?). But we will still try to deliver those in May.
  • We will defer the stack property on the CSSAnimator interface for the first version and wait and see if efforts to provide a more generically useful interface (such as getMatchedCSSRules) make progress in the meantime.


  • Shane: implement Web Animations in JS before May :)
  • Shane: look into new "batching" mutation observer proposal and report on its applicability to animation
  • Brian: look into the promotion of SVG attributes to properties proposal and see if there are implications for use using a single "property" attribute on the AnimationFunction interface to refer to either an attribute or property.
  • Alex: write abstract for SVG Open [done].
  • Brian: turn these meetings' notes into delicious specification goodness.
  • Alex, Shane: to polish additive animations and specify.
  • Alex, Shane: to add information about reusing SMIL stack to technical note for SVG.
  • Rik: furnish use cases for additive animations.
  • Brian: generate (most of) SVG technical note
  • Shane: generate CSS technical note