Web Animations/Meetings/Actions

From Effects Task Force

Outstanding actions


  • Scan svg-developers to use cases for WebAnim API (22 May)
  • Incorporate some superclass for representing an Element or a PseudoElement (6 June)
  • Look into what is specified with regards to forms persisting state and seeing if any of that applies to animations (wrt to defining what happens on page hide 10 July)
  • Revise/check pause behavior so that yet-to-start items' start times are not offset by the pause, but simply start paused at the scheduled start time (10 July)


  • Ask Alex about SVG cartoons we could port to WebAnim API (22 May)
  • Look for jQuery examples we can use to test the WebAnim API (22 May)
  • Move issues from github to Bugzilla (29 May)
  • Make a wiki page for SVG Open demo ideas (17 July)