WebCGM 2.0 "dynamic10" Implementation Matrix
11 September 2006

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This document describes the results of WebCGM 2.0 implementations tested against those dynamic-graphics tests of the WebCGM 2.0 Test Suite that are derived from and mostly identical to the dynamic tests of the WebCGM 1.0 Test Suite, with updates to nine tests to adjust for some changed rules. (The 1.0 ZIP file can be downloaded directly at this location.)

Information about the implementations and a legend explaining the table are found after the table.

WebCGM 1.0/2.0 dynamic tests

Test Name IsoView   VizEx   SDI Reader MetaWeb Comments
linking-basicH2C-BE-01 Ok Ok Ok
linking-basicC2H-BE-02 Ok Ok Ok
linking-basicC2C-BE-03 Ok Ok Ok
linking-basicC2P-BE-04 Ok Ok Ok
linking-selectId-BE-05+ Ok Qualified(06-9-20) Ok
linking-selectName-BE-06+ Ok Qualified(06-9-20) Ok
linking-anyURI-BE-07+ Ok Ok Ok
linking-multiLink-BE-08 Ok Ok Ok
behavior-picBlankC2C-BE-01 Ok Ok Ok
behavior-picReplaceC2C-BE-02 Ok Ok Ok
behavior-picBlankC2H-BE-03 Ok Ok Ok
behavior-picTargetC2H-BE-04 Ok Ok Ok
behavior-objHighlight-BE-05+ Ok Ok Ok
behavior-objHighlightAll-BE-06+ Ok Ok Ok
behavior-objViewContext-BE-07+ Qualified(indef) Ok Ok
fragment-idC2H-BE-01 Ok Ok Ok
fragment-fiveForms-BE-03 Ok Ok Ok
interact-pick-BE-01 Ok Ok Ok
interact-pickRegion-BE-02 Ok Ok Ok
interact-screenTip-BE-03+ Ok Ok Ok
otherAPS-para-BE-01+ Ok Qualified(06-9-20) Ok
otherAPS-para-BE-02+ Ok Qualified(06-9-20) Ok

Comments from table


Implementations Tested

The following table lists the implementations that are covered by the test results.

Company Name** Product Version Platform
Itedo Software IsoView IsoView 6.0 Windows XP
Larson Software Technology VizEx VizEx 1 or 2 Windows XP
System Development Inc SDI Reader SDI Reader 1.04.05 Windows XP
Ematek GmbH MetaWeb MetaWeb 3.0 Windows XP

** Nickname used for the viewer in the below tables (to distinguish multiple viewers from a Company).


Type Description
Ok Implementation passes test
Fail(date) Implementation does not pass test. (Committed pass date)***
Qualified(date) Implementation passes part of the test, but not enough to give a full pass.
(Committed pass date.)***
Unknown The implementation behavior is unknown or indeterminate for the test.
Inactive An implementation is planned, but not yet advanced enough for testing.

*** 'indef' means that vendor cannot estimate or commit, when it will pass.