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ACTION-3678 (edit) pending review Drive the assessment of svg2 to get it to lcwd by the february f2f Bogdan Brinza 2014-11-07 SVG 2
ACTION-3700 (edit) open Compose email about intentions to devise the current spec, and move to a more rapid pace of updates Bogdan Brinza 2015-02-05
ACTION-3753 (edit) open Add addendums to the svg readiness table Bogdan Brinza 2015-02-20
ACTION-3754 (edit) open Summarize owners for chapters in Bogdan Brinza 2015-02-20
ACTION-3767 (edit) open Help erik test unusual elements inside <use>d subtrees Bogdan Brinza 2015-03-12
ACTION-3773 (edit) open Create test case for preserveaspectratio defer Bogdan Brinza 2015-03-26
ACTION-3789 (edit) open Resolve issue 2 in linking chapter Bogdan Brinza 2015-05-14
ACTION-3791 (edit) open Attempt to align error processing appendix with dom/css error processing and recovery Bogdan Brinza 2015-05-21
ACTION-3835 (edit) open Do thorough check on focus and tabindex in html and circle back with aria group on the results Bogdan Brinza 2016-02-11
ACTION-3869 (edit) open Review github issues against svg 2.0 and mark them for 2.1 where approriate, open/closed, post resulting list to wg Bogdan Brinza 2018-05-28

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