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ACTION-3088 (edit) open Illustrate the three options put forward by Tab in the SVG/HTML integration proposal Dirk Schulze 2011-08-04
ACTION-3124 (edit) open Propose API for Dirk Schulze 2011-09-29
ACTION-3347 (edit) open Investigate and expand on the proposal of sub region clipping for Filter Effects Dirk Schulze 2012-09-06
ACTION-3357 (edit) open Prepare a proposal for supporting lengths/percentages in paths and polylines Dirk Schulze 2012-09-24
ACTION-3360 (edit) open Look into allowing CSS <image> values in in="" and in2="" Dirk Schulze 2012-09-24
ACTION-3473 (edit) open Work together on an unbound filter proposal Dirk Schulze 2013-03-14
ACTION-3483 (edit) open Figure out if we should use sRGB or DeviceRGB on SVG Dirk Schulze 2013-04-11
ACTION-3502 (edit) open Talk to Doug, Anne, Boris and Roc about resource handling security in SVG and ask for review of the model Dirk Schulze 2013-06-11
ACTION-3518 (edit) open Specify how to calculate automatic filter region for unbounded primitives Dirk Schulze 2013-08-22
ACTION-3519 (edit) open Add filter function data type for declarative animations (to the filter effects spec) Dirk Schulze 2013-08-29
ACTION-3522 (edit) open Propose an attribute to control convolution/lighting kernel size working on css or device pixels Dirk Schulze 2013-09-05
ACTION-3545 (edit) open Change nearestviewportelement/furthestviewportelement to be element Dirk Schulze 2013-11-21
ACTION-3547 (edit) open Investigate how lighting filter outputs work when not composited on top of the original thing being lit Dirk Schulze 2013-11-22
ACTION-3560 (edit) open Create a test case for the test suite covering percentage units resolved against the viewport of the referencing element Dirk Schulze 2014-01-23
ACTION-3579 (edit) open Ask somebody what to do about content/shadow inheriting from htmlelement Dirk Schulze 2014-02-07
ACTION-3589 (edit) open Replace all terms of bounding box with object bounding box. remove the phrase: "meant by the unqualified term bounding box" Dirk Schulze 2014-02-18
ACTION-3608 (edit) open Talk to alan stearns about adding fallback baseline calculations to the css line layout spec and if they will stay in the spec Dirk Schulze 2014-04-14
ACTION-3623 (edit) open Deprecate deprecate pixelunittomillimeterx, pixelunittomillimetery, screenpixeltomillimeterx, screenpixeltomillimetery in the spec. Dirk Schulze 2014-05-15
ACTION-3627 (edit) open Review css text decoration and css3 text and compare it with svg Dirk Schulze 2014-05-29
ACTION-3652 (edit) open Add a note to the spec to clarify the use of viewport units versus the use of percentage of viewport Dirk Schulze 2014-09-01
ACTION-3659 (edit) open Review z-index addition to svg 2 Dirk Schulze 2014-09-02
ACTION-3665 (edit) open Gather use cases that might be solved by units in path data Dirk Schulze 2014-09-02
ACTION-3739 (edit) open Add a new keyword value to the x and y properties that means use-the-list-of-lengths in the attributes, and set that with the ua stylesheet and add a note to say that it's still an open issue Dirk Schulze 2015-02-20
ACTION-3810 (edit) open Update the painting chapter about multiple fills/strokes not isolating Dirk Schulze 2015-06-19

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