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Open Actions

There are 8 open actions.

ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-3157 (edit) open Investigate whether more than use would benefit from relaxing reference requirements so that "blah.svg" refers to the root element Cyril Concolato 2011-11-04
ACTION-3376 (edit) open Write up a proposal for a triangular representation for gradient meshes Cyril Concolato 2012-09-26
ACTION-3412 (edit) open Fix spec to remove need for xml namespace prefix Cyril Concolato 2013-02-10
ACTION-3413 (edit) open Investigate describing use in terms of the shadow DOM Cyril Concolato 2013-02-10
ACTION-3422 (edit) open Specify shared-path segments Cyril Concolato 2013-02-11
ACTION-3460 (edit) open Do the "Add the features of the SVG Tiny 1.2 animation element but not the element itself" SVG 2 requirement. Cyril Concolato 2013-02-15
ACTION-3461 (edit) open Look into whether Progress Events should fire on <image>. Cyril Concolato 2013-02-15
ACTION-3546 (edit) open Add piece commands to svg 2 specification Cyril Concolato 2013-11-22

Open Issues

There is 1 open issue listed in the system.

ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-2326 (edit)
RAISED Use of textContent in the 1.1F2 test suite 2010-05-25 Test Suite - SVG Full 1.1 0

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