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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-2762 (edit) open Write a test for ISSUE-2305 Chris Lilley 2010-04-19 ISSUE-2305
ACTION-2789 (edit) open Move the font-family parsing tests to the svg 2 test suite Chris Lilley 2010-06-07 Test Suite - SVG Core 2.0
ACTION-2818 (edit) open Investigate ISSUE-2341 and look for previous comments Chris Lilley 2010-07-13 ISSUE-2341
ACTION-2866 (edit) open Put together a high level overview stating the most important new features in SVG 2 Chris Lilley 2010-09-15 SVG 2
ACTION-2922 (edit) open Fix the text-intro-04 test with feedback that has been around a little while Chris Lilley 2010-12-16
ACTION-2925 (edit) open Contact Ishida about bidi examples in the spec to simplify and clarify Chris Lilley 2011-01-26
ACTION-2962 (edit) open Convert fonts-desc-04-t. and 05-t to use WOFF Chris Lilley 2011-03-06
ACTION-3062 (edit) open Respond to "ICC profiles and compositing" mail on www-svg Chris Lilley 2011-07-15 Module: Color
ACTION-3063 (edit) open Make SVG Color changes due to Chris Lilley 2011-07-15 Module: Color
ACTION-3117 (edit) open Go over recent email threads on requirements (strokes for example) and add to the requirements wiki page. Chris Lilley 2011-09-29
ACTION-3118 (edit) open Document the changes around namespace handling in SVG 2.0 (id, base, attributes, etc..). Chris Lilley 2011-09-29
ACTION-3123 (edit) open Add CSS spec. dependencies in the reference section and add proper usage from within the specification text. Chris Lilley 2011-09-29
ACTION-3128 (edit) open Make the changes to the SVG 2.0 spec. for Chris Lilley 2011-09-29
ACTION-3140 (edit) open Work up a shared path edge / superpath proposal Chris Lilley 2011-10-20
ACTION-3158 (edit) open Look at global attributes Chris Lilley 2011-11-04
ACTION-3159 (edit) open Reply to alex explaining how wide gamut colours and flourewscent/metallic printing are accomodated in SVG color Chris Lilley 2011-11-04
ACTION-3167 (edit) open Talk to map and CGM people about requirements for dashing and shared path edges Chris Lilley 2011-11-05
ACTION-3197 (edit) open Write up a short description of Tiling and layering and use-cases for it Chris Lilley 2012-01-18
ACTION-3198 (edit) open Write up general use-cases (mapping and other) for constrained transformations, aka transform=ref(...) Chris Lilley 2012-01-18
ACTION-3209 (edit) open Write up a proposal for allowing linear interpolation of properties that were previously discrete but could be reasonably interpolated linearly Chris Lilley 2012-01-20
ACTION-3212 (edit) open Continue to work on test suite linking mechanism for new harness Chris Lilley 2012-01-20
ACTION-3229 (edit) open Look into the repeating while preserving aspect ratio before repeating Chris Lilley 2012-01-26
ACTION-3233 (edit) open Review the Transform chapter of SVG Tiny 1.2 to see what needs to be ported to SVG 2 or the FX Transform spec Chris Lilley 2012-02-09
ACTION-3235 (edit) open Check if any change in the basic shapes chapter need to be ported to SVG 2 Chris Lilley 2012-02-09
ACTION-3236 (edit) open Add the SVG Tiny 1.2 text on characters and glyphs, text layout, text selection, text search to SVG 2 Chris Lilley 2012-02-09
ACTION-3246 (edit) open Will edit the wiki page and mention how to add license and copyright Chris Lilley 2012-03-15
ACTION-3247 (edit) open Merge the svg1.1se and svgt1.2 fragment identifier text and consider adding in media fragments for partial images Chris Lilley 2012-03-15
ACTION-3256 (edit) open Propose an update to masking for luminance and alpha and pointing directly at images Chris Lilley 2012-04-26
ACTION-3270 (edit) open The mail from EXI WG on the current status of the verbose path notation Chris Lilley 2012-05-03
ACTION-3304 (edit) open Trim out content which is in CSS3 colour and reference CSS3 colour instead Chris Lilley 2012-06-14
ACTION-3323 (edit) open Work out things on cutting down xml:space stuff on text and figure things out with the CSS WG Chris Lilley 2012-07-31
ACTION-3327 (edit) open Rewrite the SVG2 Concepts chapter to make more sense in 2012 Chris Lilley 2012-08-01
ACTION-3358 (edit) open Produce a proposal for expanded element syntax for paths (including finding the results of testing improved compression ratios with the expanded syntax) Chris Lilley 2012-09-24
ACTION-3365 (edit) open Propose the aliasing of current-color to currentColor with the CSS WG Chris Lilley 2012-09-25
ACTION-3387 (edit) open Extend rx/ry on rect to allow lists of values. Chris Lilley 2012-09-26
ACTION-3573 (edit) open Work with smailus to create examples of the issues Chris Lilley 2014-02-07
ACTION-3588 (edit) open Update to reference css3 color, which also adds 'transparent' to <color> Chris Lilley 2014-02-17 SVG 2
ACTION-3602 (edit) open Talk to michael cooper about uag Chris Lilley 2014-04-14
ACTION-3605 (edit) open (or pdr) to get tab's feedback on davvel's svg sizing proposal Chris Lilley 2014-04-14
ACTION-3673 (edit) open Prepare wording for updating the old specs Chris Lilley 2014-10-16
ACTION-3677 (edit) open Make all svg wg specifications discoverable, due december Chris Lilley 2014-11-07
ACTION-3755 (edit) open Check and remove appendix n: media type registration for image/svg+xml Chris Lilley 2015-02-21
ACTION-3866 (edit) open Make svg2 color tests Chris Lilley 2017-11-16

Open Issues

There are 7 open issues listed in the system.

ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-2086 (edit)
RAISED Where to find baseline info rfor arbitrary Unicode characters 2008-10-02 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2313 (edit) RAISED Gzip-compressed svg in data URIs 2010-03-18 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2324 (edit)
RAISED media elements in SVG need ability to associate captions and description 2010-05-10 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2329 (edit)
RAISED Differentiate bounding box from viewbox and width and height 2010-06-07 SVG 2 0
ISSUE-2360 (edit)
RAISED Last Call Comment: encoding breakage in idl conversion 2010-08-12 SVG 1.1 F2 Last Call 0
ISSUE-2374 (edit) RAISED Erroneous mention of Content-Transfer-Encoding 2010-09-14 SVG 1.2 Tiny: Errata 0
ISSUE-2383 (edit)
par image defer
RAISED Last Call Comment: pAR on image, and defer 2010-10-12 SVG 1.1 F2 Last Call 0

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