ISSUE-2429: Errors in element/attribute lists.

Errors in element/attribute lists.

SVG Full 1.1
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Tavmjong Bah
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There are a number of 'bugs' in SVG 1.1 2nd edition due to incorrect/missing entries in the definitions.xml file. The file has the following problems:

svg element: extra entries for: baseProfile, height, version, width, x, y.
(Seen in svg element summary in structure chapter.)

tref element: missing: x, y, dx, dy, rotate, lengthAdjust, textLength.
(Seen in tref element summary in text chapter.)

textPath element: missing: lengthAdjust, textLength.
(Seen in textPath element summary in text chapter.)

'in' attribute: missing: feMergeNode.
(Seen in attributes appendix.)

I have fixed these in the SVG 2 source but not in SVG 1.1 source.
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