ISSUE-2349: Last Call Comment: Media type registration


Last Call Comment: Media type registration

SVG 1.1 F2 Last Call
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Chris Lilley
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Registration of the internet media type for image/svg+xml was restarted. Chris needs to track comments there and fold into the editors draft.

So far the comments are minor, something about clipboard formats from Paul Libbrecht and something on fragment identifiers from Henry S. Thompson. Both easily accommodated and uncontroversial.

Also, once we go to PER a request needs to be sent to IANA. Chris and PLH can handle that.
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ACTION: Accept

Chris Lilley, 19 Jul 2010, 17:05:26

CHANGE-TYPE: Editorial

Chris Lilley, 19 Jul 2010, 17:05:46

RESOLUTION: We have updated the registration template as suggested by the commenters on itef-types.

Chris Lilley, 19 Jul 2010, 17:06:43


Chris Lilley, 13 Jan 2011, 19:37:39


Chris Lilley, 13 Jan 2011, 19:38:02

Media type now registered

Chris Lilley, 21 Jun 2011, 12:39:44

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