ISSUE-2235: Consider using 4x4 matrices over 3x3


Consider using 4x4 matrices over 3x3

Module: Transforms
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Doug Schepers
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* I suggest you stick with 4x4 matrices over 3x3. I wouldn't let the
fact that OpenVG is 3x3 (is it? I read this in the minutes but didn't
check) impact the decision. Cameron says that "general 3d effects are
not useful" - maybe I misunderstood that? I guess I'm unclear as to
the goal: is it to add a transforms capability that is compatible with
OpenVG? If so, why? Or is the goal to add simple perspective
transforms to SVG?

I'll also note that Apple has shipped a mobile product that supports
arbitrary 4x4 matrix transforms applied to SVG content since about
July last year.
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