ISSUE-2233: adopt the syntax for CSS Transforms


adopt the syntax for CSS Transforms

Module: Transforms
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Doug Schepers
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* why not adopt the syntax for CSS Transforms (which was written to be
as compatible as possible with SVG)?

In particular, I see this:
AG: I agreed to remove translateX/Y/Z and scaleX/Y/Z
JF: translateX/Y is part of the CSS specification but that's just
syntactic sugar

While these might shortcuts look like syntactic sugar, they allow for
something important - which is the ability to break a transform list
into components that can manipulated individually. This is especially
important when you're animating between transforms (not necessarily
with CSS Animations, even JS gets the benefit). Flattening all the
transform operations is a lossy process (not in the final matrix
result, but you lose the list).

In general I'm not sure there is benefit in minimising the syntax.
What is the cost?
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