ISSUE-2159: Invalid path data error/unsupported


Invalid path data error/unsupported

SVG 1.2 Tiny: Last Call
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Cameron McCormack
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There’s a small inconsistency with how invalid path data is treated. In
the Paths chapter, it is an unsupported value:

Values of the ‘d’ that do not match the EBNF are treated as

In the Implementation Notes appendix, it says it is an error:

Unrecognized contents within a path data stream (i.e., contents that
are not part of the path data grammar) must be considered an error.

Unless there are any objections, I will make the Implementation Notes
reiterate that invalid path data is considered to be an unsupported
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Changes made as proposed.

Raiser of issue satisfied with change.

Anthony Grasso, 27 Oct 2008, 04:01:20

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