ISSUE-2125: Cyril: General Typos

cyril typos

Cyril: General Typos

SVG 1.2 Tiny: Last Call
Raised by:
Doug Schepers
Opened on:
Cyril Concolato
* Typos:
- In "Status of this document", it says "This is *a* the 15 September 2008".
- In "5.7 The 'image' element", it says "(e.g. *is* is outside the initial document viewport)"
- In "7.8 The 'viewBox' attribute", it says "must *be* be mapped"
- In "15.7 Processing inline executable content", it says "the content *must ignored* and no further processing takes place."
- check case of <QName> vs <qname>.
- The type '<ListOfStrings>' is used in the attribute table instead of '<list-of-strings>' in Section 4.

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Related notes:

All corrected as suggested.

Doug Schepers, 13 Oct 2008, 22:41:56

fix <ListOfStrings> in autogenerated.

Doug Schepers, 14 Oct 2008, 12:08:02

Changed as requested. Commentor satisfied:

Doug Schepers, 16 Oct 2008, 00:45:29

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