ISSUE-2068: focusHighlight must be inheritable

focusHighlight inheritable

focusHighlight must be inheritable

SVG 1.2 Tiny: Last Call
Raised by:
Doug Schepers
Opened on:
Chris Peto
I have over 500 svg planes that I import into a svg program over getURL,
because the “focusHighlight” is not inheritable I would have to go and
reedit all 500 planes. Sorry, I will not do this nor my customer pay for
such an act. This leads to the fact that none of the browsers that support
this new feature can be used, so back to IE and ASV. Not good!

This also goes for “focusable” attribute.
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Related notes:

Declined to change, but commentor's use case can be addressed by implementations.

Doug Schepers, 15 Oct 2008, 05:05:12

Disagree. Commenter satisfied:

Doug Schepers, 2 Nov 2008, 20:58:08

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