ISSUE-2060: [1.2T-LC] title and desc example 'title-desc-tooltip.svg'


[1.2T-LC] title and desc example 'title-desc-tooltip.svg'

SVG 1.2 Tiny: Last Call
Raised by:
Doug Schepers
Opened on:
Dr. Olaf Hoffmann
in the section 5.5.3 there is an example
title-desc-tooltip.svg; I have some suggestions
to improve this.

- maybe more useful to use version 1.2 and the
tiny profile and not version 1.1, because the
draft ist about SVGT 1.2 and SVG 1.1 has no
role attribute

- if this is modified to an SVGT 1.2 example,
it is useful too to use xml:id instead of id
as suggested in the related section about
id and xml:id

- looking at the points list of #beeCell
I came to the conclusion, that it is not a regular
hexagon (what is of course no problem, one
cannot assume, that a bee cell is really a regular
hexagon), but then I do not understand the
content of the meta element.
Ok, the hexagon still has some symmetries, but
four parameter are not sufficient to describe the
hexagon (for a regular hexagon, four would be
enough: center x,y, here 0,0, radius for corners,
angle for one corner). Therefore without further
explanation or reference to a specific namespace
for hexagons it is not obvious, what the content
of metadata could mean. Because there are
not may samples for the use of metadata, it is
useful to have it, but the relation to the parent
element should be simpler to identify to have
some profit from this part of the example.

- could be helpful to have somewhere an
informative section including some more
samples with short explanations for the content
of role.
I think, currently for a reader without
a predisposition something like role="aria:tooltip"
is not obvious, how this is constructed.
For example in the referenced wai-aria document
this is indicated as 'Role: tooltip'

Additional side note:
Many examples in the draft have no title element,
but the chapter about title and desc notes:
"Authors should always provide at least a 'title', and preferably a 'desc', as
an immediate child element to the 'svg' element within an SVG document."

Well, if the examples in the draft have any educational functionality,
indeed, draft authors too should at least provide a title for the svg
element, if it is a complete sample and not just a document fragment
or should add some '...' to indicate, that it is only a fragment ;o)

Or does this mean: "Authors should always provide at least a 'title' OR
primarily a 'desc' ...", because many samples have a 'desc' but no
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Related notes:

Not going to change all the examples, since they are illustrating other points.

Doug Schepers, 23 Sep 2008, 11:37:38

Made most changes as requested, explained others. Commenter satisfied:

Doug Schepers, 16 Oct 2008, 21:40:53

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