ISSUE-2023: Should unresolved resources be categorized as "unsupported values" or "in error"?

Unresolved Resources In Error

Should unresolved resources be categorized as "unsupported values" or "in error"?

SVG Tiny 1.2
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Doug Schepers
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Currently, the spec says, "When attribute externalResourcesRequired has been set to true on the referencing element or one of its ancestors, then an unresolved external IRI reference (i.e., a resource that cannot be located) shall represent an error (see Error processing)."

And Error Processing says, "A document can go in and out of error over time. For example, document changes from the SVG uDOM or from animation can cause a document to become in error and a further change can cause the document to become correct again. When a document is in error the SVG user agent must provide a highly perceivable indication of error."

I question whether an unresolved resource, whether required or not, should ever put the document in error; rather, it should be treated as an unsupported value:

We should resolve this one way or another and clarify it in the spec.
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