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W3C Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.0 Test Suite (Historical)

This page only refers to the SVG 1.0 Testsuite and is preserved here only for archival purposes. The links point to historical, archival material. SVG 1.1 replaced SVG 1.0, having a modular DTD architecture and including all errata. If you are not looking for historical material, you probably want the latest SVG Test materials.

The third public release of the W3C SVG 1.0 Test Suite was made on 26 October 2001 (the second public release was made on 2 February 2001 and the first on 12 June 2000).

You can also see the SVG Conformance Suite Implementation Status which shows, for each test in the test suite, which of those implementations tested passed it at the time of testing.

This release included 'Basic Effectivity' tests - aiming for covering all of the spec, but not in fullest detail. This release comprises 127 Basic Effectivity tests.

Various test harnesses are available:

There is also a readme for this release and a manual.

This historical, 1.0 testsuite can be downloaded as one zipfile for local (offline) testing. The manual is downloaded separately. Tests and implementation reports on the most recent version of SVG are also available.