raster image of linking-a-01-b

This is the first of a set of three tests that verify the capability to handle links into SVG content, using each of the three fragment identifier forms permissible in SVG.

There is a colored arrow comprising the content of an 'a' element. The link destination is in an auxiliary file, linkingCircle-f.svg, and is expressed by xlink:href="linkingCircle-f.svg#fragmentValue". The initial view of this test contains one pale blue arrow plus labelling text.

The (blue) arrow uses the "bare name" fragment identifier form, "#circle-2", to target the circle with id "circle-2" in the external file. Upon clicking the first arrow, the full image of the linkingCircle-f.svg file should replace the initial view of this test case in the viewer frame.

The reference image illustrates the correct image after the link is activated (full view of linkingCircle-f.svg).