raster image of linking-a-05-t

Verify if the 'a' element properly accept the transform attibute. There are three subtests, in each of which one of three sets of colored arrows comprise the content of an 'a' element. The link destination is expressed by "xlink:href=" as in the test 'linking-a-04-t.svg'. The arrows transformed is in the brighter color, and the arrows before transformation is shown in the darker color. The transformation parameters used for each 'a' element is shown on the left side of each arrow.

The top-most arrow (yellow) is rotated for 20 degree. The middle arrow (green) is skewed horizontally for -30 degree, and the last arrow (cyan) is translated for (-10, -20).

Each arrow, i.e. link, should behave as described in 'linking-a-04-t.svg'. The arrows in this test have the same 'xlink:href' attribute as the 'linking-a-04-t' test.

The test uses the 'rect' and 'polygon' elements, as well as basic fill (solid simple colors and RGB values), stroke (black and colored wide and 1-pixel lines), font-family (Arial) and font-size properties.