raster image of linking-a-03-b

This is the first of a set of three tests that verify the capability to handle links into SVG content, using each of the three fragment identifier forms permissible in SVG.

There is a colored arrow comprising the content of an 'a' element. The link destination is in an auxiliary file, linkingCircle-f.svg, and is expressed by "xlink:href=linkingCircle-f.svg#fragmentValue". The initial view of this test contains one green arrow plus labelling text.

The (green) arrow uses the SVG view specification form, "linkingCircle-f.svg#svgView(viewBox(63,226,74,74))", to target the circle with id "circle-2" in the external file. Upon clicking this arrow, circle-2 should fill most of the viewer frame (white space on each side is 25% of the diameter of the circle).

The reference image illustrates the correct image after the link is activated, with the circle-2's framing rect filling the viewer frame, uniformly scaled.