raster image of filters-offset-01-b

The target crosshairs should align with lower left bounds of the associated circle. The color of each crosshair should match the associated circle.

Verify the basic capability to handle the feOffset, feMerge and feFlood filter nodes. Four copies of a filled circle should appear at various offsets and colors. For each circle a reference crosshair is drawn at the lower left of the circle to indicate the expected color, opacity and position for the filtered element. The targets are drawn with the standard svg path element.

The rendered image should match the reference image. Additionally, the target crosshairs should match the color, lower left corner, and opacity of each copy of the filtered circle.

In addition to feFlood, feMerge, and feOffset, this test uses 'feComposite' to recolor the SourceGraphic with the feFlood color. The source graphic uses 'circle'. The target cross hairs are drawn with 'path' and use 'fill' and 'fill-opacity'.