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The following is a list of activities under consideration for the SVG Interest Group. This is a work-in-progress list. As activites are begun, separate wiki pages should be established and this page need only provide a brief summary and a link.

SVG Community Site

The SVG IG should create the premiere SVG community site. For more details, please visit the Community Website Activity page.

Accessibility Note

The SVG IG should put together a Note that describes all accessibility implications, best practices and limitations with respect to the SVG format. For more details, please visit the Accessibility Activity page.

Designer Feedback

We need an effective way to gather good feedback from designers about features in SVG. The feedback needs to be at a higher level, i.e. what "cool effect" or features do they want to see in the specification. What kind of filter effects/gradients they want?

Current List of Action Items

SVG Torture Test

The Acid tests have proven to be a very effective means of gathering browser developer attention (witness the work on SMIL and SVG Fonts post Acid3). We would like to develop a set of "torture" tests that do a similar thing for SVG and WICD (compound documents). Since the SVG specification is so large, a series of visual tests would make the most sense:

  • Test 1: SVGT 1.1 (XML, shapes, coordinates, transforms, colors, masks, symbols, clipping, etc)
  • Test 2: SVGB 1.1 (gradients, opacity)?
  • Test 3: SMIL ?
  • Test 4: Filters DOM ?

These tests should be developed by experts to ensure correctness and coverage.

Here is the work currently underway:

Here is a link to some earlier discussion and examples:

SVG Interop

One of the most important steps to making it easy for people to create and view SVG content is consistency and reliability of content appearance and behavior between different SVG implementations, including mixed-namespace browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari), standalone SVG viewers (BitFlash, Ikivo), and SVG authoring tools (Inkscape, Illustrator, etc.).

There are three primary ways of accomplishing this:

  1. Make sure the spec is coherent, clear, and comprehensive
  2. Provide adequate tests
  3. Test implementation and file bug reports when there are differences

The SVG WG is largely responsible for the first two. The SVG community is needed to help with the latter. Find and report instances where implementations don't implement the spec correctly, or don't implement some feature at all, and enter them in the SVG Bugs page, so that we can collectively lobby for them to be fixed.

SVG plugin for IE

For SVG to be successful on the open web, there needs to be a replacement for the aging Adobe SVG viewer plugin. Thoughts about how to accomplish this are now at the SVG Plugin for IE page.

Search Engine Indexing SVG

  • SVG images in Google image search results?
  • Google translate working on SVG files
  • SVG in Blogger (we don't want links to SVG files, we want SVG right in the post)
  • SVG animations in YouTube (automatic conversion to video file?)
  • SVG in Gmail ?
  • improving search engine parsing of SVG files