A place to gather suggestions and discussion of new features

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This can be a temporary staging area for discourse about new features. Some possible categories have been included. As more suggestions arise, it may be appropriate to analyze overlap between suggestions within a category to see what shared features there may be. Here is a bit of the rationale for this page




Drawing primitives

DOM methods

  • See method for returning incidence matrix of regions within a map at <superpath>


Extension of the declarative animation model to include occasional imperative constructs.

  • the ability to define random durations or random x-y loci in our declarative markup without having to rely upon script?
  • Likewise, a construct that allows us to specify that a certain object might move in such and such a direction until it encounters an edge or another object. See number 6 at end of list


Events and Interactivity

  • Editable Graphics Objects. Many have called for SVG to adopt editable text objects (like textareas). SVG 1.2 full has those, and Opera (and others?) has already implemented editable text in SVG. The flowing text shapes are coming as well. Basically, this will give users a way to enter and modify strings in SVG. Well, since SVG is a graphic language it makes sense to enable run-time editing of shapes by users as well as a sort of graphical input field.