image of Nokia 3650

SVG Mobile Competition

Entries due 24 November 2003

Update! In addition to the Nokia 3650, the prize now includes the BitFlash SVG Tiny viewer, compiled for installation on the 3650, and a copy of the recently released Beatware e-Picture Pro 4.0 Mobile SVG authoring software. In view of this, the closing date has been extended from 3 November to 24 November.

Announcing the first official SVG Mobile Competition. Nokia have provided a 3650 tri-band GSM handset as a prize for the best SVG Mobile greeting card. What do we mean by greeting card? It's really up to you! It could be a birthday card, a funny cartoon story, a demonstration of the power of SVG - whatever you want. We're intentionally leaving it open in order to give you as much freedom as possible. Here is your chance to be known as the first SVG champion.

Competition details are as follows:

This is the first in a series of SVG competitions we will be running over the next few months. Each competition will have a slightly different theme. We have a collection of prizes from different industry sponsors to give away, so watch this space!

Chris Lilley (, Chair, and Dean Jackson (, Team Contact, for the SVG Working Group.